Lifestyle Lifts | June Favorites

10:10 AM

accessorizing purse and manicure

I was pretty much all about accessories in June. It certainly does provide for a nice lifestyle lift though. An outfit is never really completely without the appropriate accessories. I didn't really get to do much shopping because I was traveling the entire month, literally living out of a suitcase. I promise next month
will be a lot more fun :)

Starting off with these awesome oversized round sunglasses from Forever 21. If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been obsessively wearing these things on the daily. They're cute and cheap! I'm not about Ray-Bans, guys. Sorry. I go through a new pair of sunglasses almost every month because I lose them. So, cheap cute sunglasses are totally my thing. Plus, getting a new pair of sunglasses each month versus each year sounds a lot more exciting to me. People cannot stop pointing out that I look like a bumble bee, LOL! What do you guys think? Click on the photo below to check them out! :)

cheryl deni

We cannot forget our summer color nail polish. It's summer, so you can expect to see me with a classic ivory summer look. My favorite. It's perfectly chic for summer outfits and matches with everything! This particular color is called Ivy Dream by Forever 21. Click on the image below to see details.

jewelery accessories lifestyle lifts

Last but not least: a new swim top! It's sooooo hard for me to find swim tops that appropriately cover all the necessary areas. This Xhilaration midkini swim top from Target did the job perfectly! I tried on a dozen tops in all different sizes until I finally came across this perfect fitting gem. It comes in a multicolor stripe print which looks super cute on the skin (especially if you have fair complexion like me). It also provides full coverage for those of us who are a tad bit bustier than the rest. ;) Extremely comfortable, and everything stays in place, haha! Definitely recommend. Click on the image below for more details :)

forever 21 swimsuit

Don't forget about my contest that is currently taking place! Click here for more details! Winner will be announced July 5th! Good luck :)


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  1. Such a cute swimsuit! I wanted to get it but they don't have my size :((((

  2. I do have to say... u do look like a bbee lolz...but i still think they look adorb!