Baby Shower Inspo

4:41 PM

pink baby shower party planning table ideas

I know I posted this on my social media, but I didn't get a chance to put this up here on my blog for you guys. I thought it would be some nice inspiration for those of you who are soon to be mommies or plan to be mommies any time in the near future. Trust me, when it comes time to planning a baby shower, you'll
want all the ideas you can get.

I wish I could have taken more photos. I was too busy competing to win a game prize. Mind you, I didn't win a single thing! Still, I found the cutest little corner filled with goodies and felt it was worthy of a blog post and some pinning on my Pinterest account. I'm loving the rice cakes on that gorgeous European cupcake stand. It definitely added that extra chicness needed for a classy, but fun vibe. Glass bowls also add a really clean finish. Having different colored containers everywhere can make things a bit messy in my opinion. The gumballs were better served as decor than actual edible treats, but it's definitely an inexpensive way to add a pop of color to any event. The Oreo cookies had pink filling! I didn't even know this existed! I've only seen the classic Oreo cookies with original white filling. At first, I thought the pink cookies at the top were macarons, but it turned out they were actually chocolate covered Oreo cookies. 

I didn't coordinate this event, so I can't tell you where everything was purchased. I have, however, provided similar products below. Enjoy!



This party ended up being so much fun, and although decor is definitely not what makes any party a success, it definitely adds vibrant energy to the atmosphere. Hope this post gave you a little bit of inspiration for planning your next event. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your loved ones, and have fun doing some party planning!

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