My First Poshmark Sale

5:49 PM

how to ship postmark closet

I just made my first sale on Poshmark! For those of you who don't know what that is, Poshmark is an iOS app where people from all over the country come together on one social platform to feature any clothing and accessory items they wish to sell. It provides a way for people to virtually enter into each other's closets and
purchase any items they wish to add to their own closets. Once someone purchases something from your virtual closet, Poshmark sends you an email with a downloadable shipping label. You add your own personal touch to the package you are to deliver, and voila! You have just helped someone add a special gem to their wardrobe, while adding some change to your piggy bank and making room in your closet for more. It's brilliant. Yes, I used to do it old school and hosted huge yard sales every year. Considering the weather in South Texas and the money you get for each perfectly good item at a yard sale, I think it's safe to say I'm sticking to this app for now.

Check out my Poshmark closet for more goodies! I will be updating it this weekend. Happy shopping!

how to poshmark

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