April Ipsy Glam Bag Review

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april ipsy glam bag review

This was the first month of my subscription to ipsy! For $10 a month, ipsy mails you a "glam bag" with 4-5 makeup products. Since I have started exploring the world of beauty, I thought this was perfect. You are basically introduced to different makeup brands and products for the price of one meal! This month's theme
was "Beautifully Bohemian." For those of you who would like to check out ipsy and all it offers, click here.

Before I get into reviewing these products, I just wanted to quickly mention something. I know that I constantly talk about all things "girl." My posts vary, but mostly consist of my faith, beauty, and the like. I just want to make it clear, that regardless of what I feel like writing about that day, the message will always come down to one thing. My Lord, my King: Jesus Christ. 

I feel it's important to say this because it's only natural to assume that, because I'm talking about beauty, my blog must be a beauty blog, or if today's post is about my faith, then my blog must be a religious blog. I am constantly being asked what the "niche" of my website is, and when my answer is, "Jesus Christ," people give me this look. Basically, they're trying to tell me Jesus Christ is not a "niche." Well, He is to me. He is the target of this website. He is the foundation of this website. He is the purpose of this website.

As I've said before, Jesus Christ is expressed in our daily living. Therefore, this is how I express Him in my daily living. If I talk about my faith, it's not to badger someone into believing the way I do. It's to share everything that He is inside of me. If I speak about beauty, it's not to simply talk about makeup products and how to cover your face with paint. I speak about beauty that comes from within and expresses itself outwardly, not the other way around. This website was made to show that whether you wear a thousand pounds of makeup or not an ounce of it, it's the beauty of Jesus Christ within your spirit that shines from inside. We are able to take joy in the little things in life, like makeup, because of the beauty He has already placed within us. Jesus Christ is everywhere. He is in the way we live, in the beauty we see, in the places we experience, in the food we eat. Absolutely everything within us and around us is Him. All of creation has been entailed within Him.

Now that I've gone completely awol, I'll get back to what this post was initially about. Below are the products I received for April's Glam Bag.

Hikari Cosmetics Blush (Tango)

This blush was a bit bright for my taste. You definitely have to go light on the hand to avoid looking a little clowny. It is a really nice color for spring, but only spring. It wouldn't be my go to blush for any other season.

Hey Honey Facial Serum

Like I said in my video, I did not sign up for ipsy to receive creams, serums, or fragrances. I only signed up in the hopes of being introduced to new makeup products. With that being said, I will still surprisingly pleased to receive this product in my glam bag. It is extremely moisturizing and fitting for this season. It smells like honey, hence the name. We are constantly having to moisturize the skin due to overexposure of sun rays. Therefore, under the given circumstances, I was happy to get this product this time around.

Starlooks Lip Gloss (Cuddle)

Although this was a sample size, I still loved it. The color was beautifully rosy and bronzy the way a bohemian themed lip gloss should be. It was moisturizing and shimmery, but not annoyingly sticky. I actually appreciate the sample size because I'm now able to carry it around with me without having my makeup take up too much space. Win, win for me.

Jo'rel Parker Femina Fragrance

I love the initial scent of this perfume, but no the "after-taste" smell. When you initially spray it, it smells like a citrus, floral, and fruity sensation all rolled into one. I LOVE it! However, once it starts to wear, it starts to smell a bit like grapefruit and a hint of vanilla in my opinion. I don't like vanilla. Not even a little bit. So, if you like the vanilla vibe, this fragrance is perfect for you. If not, I'd stay away. I'll still be using it throughout the season because I do like it, but probably only for short periods of time.

Nude Dude Eye Shadow (Fit)

As mentioned in my video, this is a single eye shadow that is included in the entire Nude Dude Palette. This one sample, however, definitely makes me want to grab the entire palette. This is a very universal color that is able to mix with any eye look. I believe anyone else who didn't get the color Fit received the same eye shadow in the color flirty. Both were very natural shades and universal in use.

Overall, I was very pleased with this month's glam bag. I'm excited to share more with you guys in the future. If you guys are subscribed to any subscription services, let me know what you guys received. I'm curious to see what other "ipsters" got and whether or not I should be subscribed to other subscription services as well. God bless.

* DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. All items featured in this post were personally purchased. Some of the links on this site are affiliated, which means I receive a small commission on purchases made through these links. This disclosure is in accordance with the United States Federal Trade Commission in compliance with endorsement and testimonial guidelines.

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