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Today, or any day for that matter, is not about me. It's not about you. It's not about beauty, fashion, fitness, or social media. Today, and every day, is about Him. I really prefer not to single out this one particular day to say this, but the rest of society has been taught to do so. Since today is the one day everyone is willing to
listen to such a message, I am taking the opportunity to speak about the one person I wish to speak about each and every single moment I can: my Lord, my King, Jesus Christ.

Without Him, without what He did 2,000 years ago, everything we would be doing and living right now would be in vain. Everything I write, my filming, and my living would mean and produce absolutely nothing. Everything you do, everything you produce, everything you live would mean zero. Sure, everyone can work toward becoming something great in life and eventually find some kind of happiness. Those who have found that kind of happiness, however, will be quick to tell you that kind of joy ride gets old real quick. If you think about the massive universe we live in and all the complexities that are entailed in such a creation, it should come as no surprise to us that life is about so much more than just achieving your own personal goals. Living day in and day out with our own selfish desires in mind, is just not enough.

I know I have a lot of readers who are offended by my writing and speaking of Jesus Christ. There are those of us who believe in only one God and tell me I speak blasphemy. Others, who do believe in Jesus Christ, claim that, sometimes, I'm too liberal. I won't get too much into detail with this, since a resolution is never reached in controversial topics of discussion such as this. I will keep it nice and short. I have one thing to say, and it's this: both sides are right, but for different reasons.

One, I do believe there is only one God, the same way you do. It's only our interpretations of what one God is that differs. You may be viewing God as an actual human being, limited to the capabilities of the human race. Since human beings are unable to physically take on the roles of three people simultaneously, you may believe God is unable to do it as well. We forget that God is a spiritual being. In His divine spirituality, He was expressed in human form through the person of Jesus Christ without ever losing access to His divine, spiritual nature. When Jesus Christ sacrificed His life, His resurrected life and Holy Spirit was given to live in us. We do not bow down to three different gods. He is One. The same way we are now One in Him. It's a beautiful picture.

Secondly, for those of you who believe me to be too liberal, it's really quite simple. Many of us believe our purpose in life is to live for God. We live our lives working for the Lord, going off on missionary trips to save souls for our Lord Jesus Christ, and try to convince people of what's right and wrong. That was me for most of my life. I believed God made everyone with a great purpose. Everyone doing good things were in line with God's purpose. Everyone doing evil was not. I came to realize, later in life, that even the good we try to do for God on our own still comes from the same tree that introduced sin into the world. So, when you hear me say that going on a missionary trip is not at the top of my priority list or that I feel no need to go out of my way to preach the gospel to people for the sake of Jesus Christ does not mean I am in anyway condoning liberalism or not living God's will in my life. On the contrary, when we live in Jesus, the Spirit expresses divine living in a way we are incapable of doing on our own. So, freedom to do what we want? No. Freedom to not live this human mediocre life at all and instead experience His divine life within us, a satisfying, complete life like no other? Yes, please! We no longer need anyone to teach us how to live life (John 2:27). Instead, we ARE Life. It's no longer about what you can do. It's about what you have become. That is our great purpose, the divine revelation of His oneness in us. We are One. I consider myself as nothing but a vessel, carrying out His will for His purpose. I am not my own anymore.

Many of you may go on to think, "Well, then. What's the point of even living then, if your own life isn't even your own to live?" Yeah, the thought crossed my mind a few times when my journey in Him first took off. In all honesty, the moment my life became His, I mean really became His, I was set free. When I say my life is not my own, I don't feel imprisoned. I feel delivered. The burden of trying to control every aspect of your life is overwhelming. You don't realize just how overwhelming until you have been enabled by Him to completely and totally surrender. It's easy to identify and surrender all that's bad in your life on your own. It's the good that still stems from yourself that people have a hard time understanding. Absolutely every step you take in life should stem from our life source, Jesus Christ. If we are living life in Him, there is no need for good and evil, or right and wrong. The life source lives in and through us and everything else just falls into place. Everything else, including ourselves, must go.

It's in our nature to want to survive. So, dying to our own self nature is not something that can be done on our own. Jesus Christ must become our reality, and He will be the one to enable us to do it. If any or all of this discussion is over your head, there is an amazing book I encourage you to read. It is called The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee. This book is so good at explaining Truth. I am not saying it brought me revelation. I am saying my Lord, Jesus Christ, brought me revelation while I was reading this book. It is so easy to understand. It is a must read. After reading it, I realized it wasn't Satan that was my number one enemy this entire time. He is nothing. It was my own self nature that was keeping me from getting to know my Creator. Every once in while, it still creeps up on me, and that's OK. It only serves as an indicator that I'm not quite there yet and seek my God all that much more. The more I fail, the more I rejoice by seeking Him. The more I seek, the more I find. The more I find, the more I am made complete. He will not be my reality someday. He is my reality this day and every day until He comes.

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