Shades Season

11:41 AM

spring 2015 sunglasses

Shades are important. Let's face it. They are. Some prefer to carry shades for styling purposes. Others are keen on maintaining a sharp eyesight and avoiding wrinkles for as long as possible. Regardless of the reasoning behind wearing sunglasses, they are important to all across the board. I used to be one of those
that only wore shades for styling purposes. Therefore, I honestly couldn't care less whether they were $500 glasses or a $5 purchase. I only cared about how they looked on my face.

Slowly, my perspective is changing. My dad has some really nice Ray-Bans, and I tried them on this past weekend when I was visiting my parents. Oh my gosh, guys. The quality of the lens on those glasses are amazing. I never noticed how cheap my sunglasses were until I tried on a good pair of shades. Not only are the lens better quality, but the frame of higher priced shades are also sturdier. I'm always saying, "No, there's no way I could ever get myself a pair of Ray-Bans because I'm always breaking my cheaper ones. I'd rather break cheap glasses than expensive ones." Truth is, maybe I wouldn't be breaking so many sunglasses if they weren't so cheap to begin with.

So, although I'm all about saving money and never spending on unnecessary things, in the end, I believe it ends up adding up to the same thing. I can guarantee you I've broken way more sunglasses that would add up to being worth more than one good investment on a pair of Ray-Bans. Therefore, I have been persuaded and moved. I am no longer an "anti-Ray-Ban girl." Splurge on a good pair of shades and make your investment count. Happy shopping!


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