Fashion Week San Antonio 2015

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Blanquita Sullivan Bonjour Biqui Fashion Week San Antonio 2015 Moda Next Showcase

Fashion week in New York City, fashion week in Los Angeles, but fashion week in San Antonio, Texas? Yes, readers. You heard right. The Alamo City brings you another successful year full of chic, trending fashion and top local talent. San Antonio is the heart of Latin American culture. This is why visionary fashion

producer, Tony Harris, has taken the lead in advancing the Latin American fashion market by bringing this annual, one week event to life.

I had the pleasure of attending this year's Moda Next Showcase for Spring/Summer 2016. The exhibition featured designers such as, Blanquita Sullivan, Valerie Perez, and Joey Ramirez in women's fashion and Christian Alonzo and Bruno Horwath in men's. I loved that each line had it's own unique style to contribute and expressed the designer's individuality in a tasteful manner. Blanquita Sullivan's collection was definitely my favorite in women's fashion, and Christian Alonzo's was my top pick in men's.


Blanquita Sullivan's theme (pictured above) was absolute perfection. There wasn't a single piece in her collection that didn't scream elegance. The words authentic, romantic, and beautiful are all deemed appropriate. Bonjour Biqui Website:


In Love and Color showcased exactly what the name implies: lots and lots of color. This collection was so much fun and very appealing to the eye. Vibrant colors called for a young and flirty feel. Verseau Website:

Valerie Perez Verseau Love in Color Fashion Week San Antonio 2015 Moda Next Showcase


When I heard there was a theme centered around "La Lechuza," the first thing I thought was, "I've got to see this," and let me tell you. It did not disappoint. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, la lechuza was known to be a witch that would transform into an owl. Of course, this was a popular myth that originated from Spanish colonial times. Nonetheless, it was a mystical creature that was to be feared in darkness. I believe it's safe to say Joey's theme brought his collection to a whole other level with dark colors, purple spiked hair, and fierce looking make up. It was edgy yet chic all at the same time. Total winner. Jose Ramirez Website:

Joey Jose Ramirez La Lechuza Fashion Week San Antonio 2015 Moda Next Showcase


This collection was my top pick in men's fashion. Christian Alonzo, better known as DJC1, dominated the showcase with a new retro theme. His collection consisted of a black and white color scheme which provided that classic, modern day look and feel. Where street meets fashion, Christian was able to maintain authenticity with just the right amount of edge to his collection. 91 Authenic Website:

Christian Alonzo DJC1 91 Authentic New Retro Fashion Week San Antonio 2015 Moda Next Showcase

Christian Alonzo DJC1 91 Authentic New Retro Fashion Week San Antonio 2015 Moda Next Showcase


I really liked Bruno Horwath's S/S 16 collection. Bruno's style for this collection reflected more of a preppy vibe with a diverse color palette. I absolutely loved the variety in color. Bruno was able to gracefully put together a variety of different looks that suits several different tastes in style. Ala Verb Website:

Bruno Horwath Ala Verb Local Pride Fashion Week San Antonio 2015 Moda Next Showcase

Overall, the showcase was a great success. Diversity is what I believe made this showcase all it could be. The designers stayed true to themselves, and they were all able to tastefully bend the rules of fashion to remain true and authentic. Check out a Snapchat preview of the showcase below. Follow me at @cheryldeni on Snapchat for more.

Cheryl Deni Fashion Week San Antonio 2015 Moda Next Showcase


Steve Madden Varcityy Blue Shoes Heels and Aldo Ganin Clutch

Downtown San Antonio Street View

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  1. I didn't know sa had fashion week! lovin those heels girl <3 ;)