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1 Corinthians 6: 19-20
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Life is all about finding balance through the little “lifestyle lifts” this life has to offer. Look around you. Everything has its place. Everything has its order. There’s good. There’s bad. There is lightness, the same way there is darkness. Balance is key.

Too much of anything is never good. Living our lives in vain day by day can eventually weigh
on us and make us feel like this life serves no purpose. Simple everyday lifestyle lifts, such as our jobs, relationships, and even eating habits, can be taken for granted and neglected.
If you feel this way now, you’re not alone. Everyone experiences this at least once in their lifetimes. Don’t be discouraged! You underestimate your inner strength! Instead of dwelling on your weaknesses, build on your strengths!
First and foremost, we need to be sure that we have a strong and sturdy foundation on which we are building these strengths, which in turn bring strength to our weaknesses. Without a sturdy foundation, we have nothing. Our foundations are found from within. We need to be spiritually and mentally strong. If you’re not a spiritual person, I encourage you to at least try it. You have nothing to lose! There’s nothing in the world more satisfying than having a healthy and stable relationship with God.
We move on to the little things. People preach, and I mean literally preach, about how important it is to have a rockin’ body. The society we live in today is blinded by superficial beauty and materialism. At this point in life, I would be more worried about what is on the inside, which brings me to healthy eating. I cannot stress enough how important it is to find your balance. Like I mentioned before, too much of anything is never good.
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Start off small. Instead of trying to completely transform your diet from one day to the other, change your eating habits one step at a time. Focus on what you should be eating, instead of what you shouldn’t. Telling yourself you can’t eat something unhealthy is way harder than telling yourself you can eat something healthy. Something as simple as starting your meal with a fruit cup can make all the difference.


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You start eating your fruit cup, while craving that double cheeseburger you plan to eat right after. By the time you get to the bottom of your fruit cup, you realize you’re no longer craving that double cheeseburger and settle for a chicken salad. Before you ate that fruit cup, you were so hungry that the thought of having to settle for a chicken salad, instead of savoring that scrumptious double cheeseburger, seemed anything but appetizing. Unhealthy eating habits are all a mind game, but if we’re careless, they can become a problem.
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Don’t take me the wrong way. I am not some healthy eating guru that knows absolutely everything about being fit. I struggle with unhealthy eating habits all the time! If you follow me on Instagram, you know what I’m talking about. The moment you stop at least trying to live a healthy lifestyle, however, is the moment you lose yourself all together. I have taken a strong interest on this particular topic, which is why I plan to post several healthy dish recipes in the near future. Some fun, not so healthy but moderately healthy, recipes may also come your way. Remember, it’s all about finding your balance.
I did some research and found some really helpful information on Women’s Health Mag! Check it out by clicking here! I hope you guys found this post to be a blessing to you and are able to share it with the people you love. Open discussion is always welcome. Post below or email me at!
1 Corinthians 6: 19-20
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