Vacation to Go | New York- Part 2


new york lady liberty statue of liberty

Hey guys! So, I’m talking to my friend Benny the other night, and he asks me why I post so sporadically. He inspired me to get this thing going, and I just want to say I really appreciate all the support. You guys keep me going. The positive feedback I receive on my blog is
amazing. Trust me. You guys don’t go unnoticed. However, if there’s one thing my readers should know about me, it’s that my mind is always all over the place. I start a second post without ever finishing my first. I promised a part 2 to my trip to New York, so I thought I would finish it up before the start of a new year. I’m so excited for what this new year has in store for my life. New York, God willing, will only be the start to my journey as a globe trotter. This is the type of vacation to go on when you’re looking for a little inspiration. You get to appreciate the things in life you don’t usually see on the daily.

Statue of Liberty

I’m going to start with Lady Liberty, since I received a special request for it from one of my readers. I’ll start by saying.. well what can I say really? Lady Liberty is my homegirl. Visiting the Statue of Liberty was absolutely breathtaking. There’s so much history that makes up her existence. It’s amazing.

We took a water taxi in mid-fall, so you can imagine how icy, cold the wind was. Be sure you take a scarf and gloves, if you plan to make a trip around that time of year. No, better yet, take a face mask. The fashion police should be the least of your worries at a time like this.
Intrepid Air and Space Museum
intrepid air and space museum new york
intrepid air and space museum aircraft
If you’re a huge history buff, like me, a must-see hot spot in New York is most definitely the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. This was one of my favorites. The USS Intrepid served as an aircraft carrier in World War II and the Vietnam War.
intrepid warship tiny bunk beds sleeping headquarters
I was able to see where marines slept. As you can see, their sleeping conditions weren’t exactly five-star hotel quality. These photos are amazing, yet they still don’t do them enough justice. Walking through these halls makes you appreciate the work these men and women do for our country. It’s not until you see it, first-hand, that you truly appreciate. They leave their comfortable homes and loving families to come to this. It makes you recognize true heroism.
intrepid warship anchor
aircraft warship pilot uniform
9/11 Tribute Center
One of, probably the, most emotional part of my NY city tour was the 9/11 Tribute Center. The museum housed real-life recordings from emergency call operators responding to calls on September 11th. My heart sunk. I even cried. Me. Yes. I cried. You could hear the distress in people’s voices. If you don’t cry, or at least tear up, after hearing those recordings, there are some serious personal issues you need to analyze.
9/11 tribute center photo room new york
There was an entire room full of photos from the victims who suffered and lost their lives in the attacks on September 11. Above is only a small corner of the room. Below is the uniform that was left behind by a man who sacrificed his life to save people trapped inside the twin towers on that tragic day. They were also able to recover a window from one of the planes that crashed into the twin towers (see below).
9/11 usa terrorist attack firefighter uniform
9/11 terrorist attack recovered restored plane window
vacation to go to 9/11 memorial new york city
Times Square
Finally, Times Square. New York is not New York without Times Square. You have not toured the Big Apple until you visit Times Square. The lights and action that takes place in that type of environment is just awesome. It’s the place to be if you’re looking for adventure. Definitely not the place to take your 72 year old grandmother though.
times square new york night lights
new york times square at night
If there’s one tip of advice I can give you guys when visiting Times Square. Don’t take photos with those Disney characters standing around looking friendly and jolly. They ASK to take a photo with you and then take away all your money. Me, being the nice little newbie that I was, couldn’t say no. Don’t do it. They are like animals waiting to devour their prey. Look at me looking all happy with a huge smile not knowing I am about to be cheated out of $20.
new york times square night life
Last, but definitely not least, the sweets. The food. Don’t forget to stop for a minute to enjoy the amazing food of New York city. Appreciate the different cultures of food and savor the differences in each.
different color cakes and pies
No matter where you are in life, remember that it’s yours. You have one life to live, and there is no one that can put a limit to your possibilities except yourself. With God, the possibilities are limitless, so why should anyone else be of any concern to you. It shouldn’t. Take life for what it is and make it what you want.
Have a happy new year. Stay safe. Stay warm.
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