Vacations in Texas | Weekend Getaway: Austin, TX

vacations in texas
We went on a weekend getaway to Austin, Texas to celebrate our soon-to-be-married-bride-of-the-hour this past weekend and had a BLAST! Vacations in Texas are ALWAYS a blast. I want to go back already. Although I’m definitely not too fond

of their ONE highway. I’m totally kidding (although it seems like there’s only one).

Anyway, I wanted to share this little piece of me with you guys. It’s definitely one I want to put on the books. Read on and enjoy!
hotel breakfast food
Hotel food is so much fun. We get to bond over bagels and pastries.
                                                                                   vacations in texas


vacationing in austin texas
We had an amazing time at MYO Massage Spa. I definitely recommend it to you guys. At this point, we really had no idea we were walking into the wrong spa. Apparently there were two of them in Austin, and we were on the other side of town. Let me just tell you. That was NOT the look on her face when she found out we were at the wrong location. At least the setting called for a pretty shot!
Nonetheless, we got to our destination safely and enjoyed a relaxing massage. Ask for Lauren if you’re ever in the area.


irish pub lunch dishes
Big shoutout to our homegirl Christie. Yes, I did say homegirl. She treated us to lunch at the one and only Fado. I give it a perfect 10. I can’t really tell you if I was just starving, or if it really was that good. However, I do believe the photo speaks for itself.


texas palm trees
Can you tell I love palm trees?! #LoveThem <3


 lunch at hula hut austin texas
We enjoyed lunch at an amazing restaurant called Hula Hut. This place, the food, and the view: OMGOSH. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. We did have nearly a two hour wait, but it was so worth it. Plus, they have an entire section of tables and benches where you can sit, or eat chips and salsa while you wait for your table to be ready. Parking is horrible, but there is an additional parking lot across the street. Regardless of the circumstances, the food was great, and the view was breathtaking.


hula hut view in austin texas

I’d like to dedicate this blog post to my beloved, Jessie. From all of us to you, we hope you had an amazing time and are grateful we were able to celebrate this unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime moment with you my dear.

vacations in texas
Love Always,


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