Cheap Beauty Products | Drugstore Makeup Haul Giveaway

So, instead of doing what every normal American was doing this past weekend (celebrating our nation’s independence on the 4th of July wearing super cute red, blue, and white outfits), I was running a drugstore makeup haul at 11 o’clock at night! Weird? Yes. The word defines
me, but that’s OK. My way of celebrating freedom this year consisted of going crazy buying cheap beauty products. I absolutely love cheap beauty products! Who doesn’t? Below are the awesome goodies I found :)!

Of course I couldn’t forget my awesome readers, so I got a little something for you guys too! Stay tuned and read on to see how and what awaits thee! Guys, this giveaway may not be your cup of tea, but more giveaways are coming up soon, so just sit tight. Plus, this wouldn’t be a bad gift for your lady friends, so it’s still a win-win I think. Think about it 🙂

I got these cute little eyeshadow palettes from Ulta, along with two eyeliners. I’m more of a neutral color type of gal, so these subtle colors definitely caught my eye! They’re so soft, but still have just the right amount of pop for a classy night out. Each eyeliner end is a different color, which I thought was so cool. They came in black, brown, majesty, and envy. I love the quality of these eyeshadows, and the eyeliner lasts all day.


I also picked up the scandal eyes curve alert mascara from Rimmel (top left). I’ve tried just about every single drugstore mascara possible and, to this day, stand true to Rimmel. I find that I am able to build up on my lashes better without clumping. Oooooh I get so upset when I’ve been building on my lashes for a good five minutes only to clump my eyelashes on the last stroke! I’ve tried several Rimmel mascaras, and they’ve all been pretty good to me. I just tried this mascara last night, and it did wonders for my lashes. Mind you my lashes are short and I don’t have very many. Definitely recommend. Click here to see details! If you guys know of any good mascaras I should try (doesn’t have to be a drugstore brand), please let me know in the comment section below!

Next, I wanted to mention the infallible lacquer liner from Loreal (shown on the top right). I’ve always used pencil eyeliner, so I was a bit skeptical about buying this product. However, my local drugstore had a coupon where I’d receive $5 off if I bought $15 worth of Loreal product, so I thought, “Why not?!” I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t give you guys an honest review. I’m kinda scared, haha! I don’t know. I guess the thought of sticking gel formula on my eye creeps me out. Let me know in the comment section below what you guys think about these kinds of liners. Click here to see details! If you guys see it in my July Favorites post, you’ll obviously know I loved it. If not, well…. thank God for pencil eyeliners :)!

I also decided to get the Loreal true match lumi foundation. I actually went to the drugstore specifically looking for this foundation because one of my favorite beauty gurus recommended it on her YouTube channel. I just went a little crazy and ended up buying an entire makeup set, haha. This happens to me all the time. Anyway, she said this foundation was by far her favorite foundation out of any other foundation she had ever tried on. Let me tell you, I have to disagree. I usually buy the Estee Lauder full coverage foundation, and OMGOSH THAT is what I call full coverage. I cannot recommend it enough. I will continue to stand by it after trying this one out. It does provide decent coverage and doesn’t clog your pores, so I will say it’s a decent foundation for being a drugstore brand. However, I do not mind spending the extra money to get the coverage I want. Foundation is everything! If you’d like to check out the Loreal foundation click here, or check out the Estee Lauder foundation I’m talking about here.

Finally, I bought the Almay smart shade loose finishing powder. I was a bit skeptical of the shade at first. I have porcelain skin, and their lightest shade looked more like a medium. However, once I tried
it on it looked just right. I loved it. Coverage lasts all day. Good stuff. Click here to see details!

I also came across these cute soft matte lip creams from NYX. I absolutely love my nudes and soft pinks. I’m extremely particular in the colors I choose. They have to have just the right amount of pink with a subtle mixture of nude. I don’t like them extremely barbie pink, nor too pale of a pink. Soft pink with a hint of nude is my craving. These lip creams were perfect, and
because they were matte lip creams, they made your lip color look so natural. My favorite color was the lip cream pictured on the left in the color instanbul. Click on the links below to see details! I bought the colors instanbul, pure red, and stockholm in order from left to right.


Since my old brushes were getting a bit dull, I didn’t hesitate in throwing these in the cart as soon as I spotted them. I got the Revlon 92979 double ended smokey eye brush, 92978 contour shadow brush, and 92974 foundation brush. I’ve tested all of them out, and they were all worth the purchase. They’re so soft and smooth. They definitely get the job done exceptionally well. Click on the links below to check out details!

Foundation Brush

Double Ended Smokey Eye Brush

Contour Shadow Brush

I was done with my haul when I walked across this fine looking gem, ha! The title “Pore Refining” spoke to me. I’ve been trying to find a pore vanishing cream/ face wash for a while now and haven’t found a good fit. If you guys have a product you guys religiously stand by, please let me know in the comment section below. This pore refining exfoliating cleanser from Neutrogena has made my face feel a lot smoother and healthier since I started using it. I’ve only used it for 3 days, so I can’t give much of a review right now. I don’t see much of a difference in my pores, but my face overall does feel a lot healthier. This facewash has tiny little microbeads that allow you to thoroughly massage your face after a long night. It feels great. If you’d like to see more click here!

Finally, what I know all of you have been waiting for: the giveaway! I will be giving away these 4 eyeshadow palettes and 1 dual ended eyeliner from Ulta. The dual ended eyeliner comes in the colors majesty, which is a type of purple, and envy, which is a type of forest green. Here’s how to get it:

1. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter
2. Leave a comment below recommending any of your favorite products.

One person will be chosen and announced on my Twitter! 🙂

Good luck!