The Stuff Your Mouth Challenge

stuff your mouth challenge

Today’s title says it all. We are doing the infamous “Stuff Your Mouth Challenge.” I’m a little nervous about putting stuff like this out on the worldwide web for everyone to see given how many internet trolls like to use it against you later on, but I thought it would be a nice bonding experience for me and my little one. Kelsey is

always open to new, fun experiences. As an older sister, I feel it’s important to show her that family is always home.

Our modern generation has been fooled into thinking that happiness and adventure is found in night clubs and alcohol. If I can save my sister the trouble of going through the hassle and disappointment, I will. As seen in my video, she is already head over heels for names like “Nick Jonas,” which tells me she is already under some kind of influence from the modern world, and that’s OK. We can’t have our kids living under a rock their entire lives, but what we can do is much more valuable.
We can spend as much time as we can with our little ones while they’re still young. I’ve mentioned in previous posts before that most of what I know about our Lord, Jesus Christ, was what I learned as a child. If we instruct our children properly from an early age, they are more likely to continue walking the path of Life. Take it from personal experience that even if they don’t, they never forget what they learned in their early childhood.
I hope this video makes you guys laugh as much as it did us. It’s moments like these that spark a deep passion within me for documenting, filming, writing, editing, etc. I’m able to look back on these moments and appreciate the little things in life. I’m always advocating for how much I believe in documenting daily living, taking as many selfies as you want, and writing down your thoughts. We only have one life to live, and when we are gone, this is the only thing that will be left behind for others to share and enjoy. We are able to leave a little piece of ourselves and what our Lord was within us at particular moments in time. Priceless.

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