One of the things I enjoy most during seasonal transitions is the changes in colors. We go from using dark, winter colors to bright, spring colors. Even the colors in nature itself start to transition from gloomier to brighter moods. By now, you guys know I’m all types of weird. The word defines me. Something as simple as

the concept of colors can take me into another world. I always make the simplest things in life much more than what your average person perceives it to be in reality. My mind takes me places. I don’t know if everyone else does the same thing, or if I’m just a freak. I’m just happy I’m able to write about all of this and express it in some way because if I kept all of this in my head, I’d be weirder than I am now.

I start to appreciate everything God has provided us with. The concept of colors is a mystery to me, but a mystery that I appreciate, nonetheless. I start to think about how God was able to create us with “built-in tools” to appreciate all of these colors, and by tools I mean vision. So many different shades of the same color, and our eyes are able to differentiate between all of them. It’s overwhelming. It amazes me. I start to think about how boring life would be if we saw everything in black and white. God is so beyond our realm of thinking, that He was able to take care of every single little detail you can possibly think of…even something as simple as colors. The fact that we are able to see color period, and people still doubt we were created by a higher power leaves me flabbergasted. The simplest things in life, bring Him to life in big ways each day. To think that we just came to be out of thin air is beyond me. Life is beauty, and I give Him all the glory for it.
On a lighter note, I’ve been receiving so many compliments on this coral nail polish I’ve been obsessed with lately. I’m all about that coral life this season. I’ll be sure to provide some of my favorite picks below. Keep in mind that I am affiliated with a network that provides a majority of luxury products. If these products are a little over your price range, you can always check out Target or your local drugstore and pick up similar colors at a cheaper price. These products are provided to you guys to give you all a better idea as to what colors are some of my personal favorites for the season. For those of you who have no issues with splurging a little extra, by all means, take your pick. Check out my story on Snapchat, username: cheryldeni, to get a closer look at the coral nail polish I’m talking about, or see close up photos on my Instagram, username: cheryldeni, for more details. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors this season, and I’m not just talking about beauty and fashion. Something as simple as stepping outside and taking a moment out of your daily life to just look around and appreciate life is refreshing enough. God bless.
h&m pink sweater spring 2015 cheryl deni


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