The word really is applied too liberally. Most believe we do it only because the Bible says we have to do it. At least, that’s what my parents believed all their lives. The concept and meaning of baptism is extremely vague in today’s modern day churches. It’s not really spoken about. It’s pushed

on people, yes, but never
spoken about.

Baptism is definitely something God calls us to do, but it’s also much more than that. Baptism saves us from the world. It separates us and brings us into Christ. We are no longer a part of Adam, but of Christ. We have died to Adam and all that is death, and we have become alive through the resurrection of Christ Jesus. We are born again.
For people who are just starting their journey with Christ, this may be a little too much too grasp. If it is, that’s OK. You’re always welcome to contact me here. We can talk, and pray that He be the one to open you up to His wisdom and understanding.
For now, I’m leaving you with a very personal video of my family’s baptism. They were all baptized earlier this year, and I wasn’t sure whether I was going to make this publicly available. With everything that has been going wrong in the world lately, I felt something filled with Life was needed. Enjoy.
FTC: This is not a sponsored post.