My NOLA Experience: Travel Vlog

My experience in NOLA was exciting, to say the least. Like any other new adventure, exploring new places is always fun. With that being said, I have to be honest, I probably wouldn’t do it again. Not because it wasn’t fun, like I said, my experience was amazing. I’m just the type of person that likes to scratch things off my bucket list and move on. That’s all. 
In my travel vlog, you will be able to see a lot of what we did. However, there was a lot of footage that was left out. I filmed over two hours of footage and consolidated my video into under fifteen minutes. Therefore, I’m leaving all the details to the activities we did in this blog post.
There are some who enjoy reading versus watching videos. So, I’ll provide a similar overall summary to the one I included in the video as well:
First off, we stayed at the Wyndam Garden Barronne Plaza. It was in close proximity to Bourbon Street, which turned out to be extremely convenient for us (given that we flew there and had no rental car). It was nice and clean. Staff were friendly, so it was a thumbs up in my book. If you guys are on a budget and are looking for a hotel close by Bourbon Street, I recommend this one.
Next up was Bourbon Street. I have to point out the first thing that came to mind when I got here. It smelled. No, it didn’t smell. It stunk! Oh my gosh, it stunk pretty bad. It smelled like, I don’t know, a dumpster? For those of you who have never been to Bourbon Street but have been to Texas (I know many of my readers are from Texas), it’s basically like a smaller version of Austin’s 6th Street (with a kick of dumpster smell). There were also a lot of homeless people. It was pretty sad. People were standing outside of restaurants asking for food. They weren’t asking for money. They were asking for food. I gave my leftovers from dinner to a man standing outside a restaurant. The look on his face when I handed it to him broke my heart.
I don’t mean to sound like Debbie Downer here. Other than what I just described, Bourbon Street was lots of fun. The streets were filled with green people celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. We went to several places, but some of the places that stand out in my mind right now are The Heat and The Hideaway. I really enjoyed those two spots. We also stopped by Channing Tatum’s spot called Saints & Sinners. I heard Channing Tatum usually shows up during spring break, so I had my eye out for him. No luck though. 
As far as eating goes, we went to The Ruby Slipper Cafe (breakfast picture below), Deanie’s Seafood (shrimp lunch plate), and Cafe Du Monde (beignets). These were all excellent choices that I highly recommend you guys try if you ever make a trip out there. From Cafe Du Monde, we took a short walk to the Mississippi River and took really nice photos. This was such a nice experience. Then we went on to shop at some of the outlet stores that were nearby. I featured a really cute dress I got from H&M if you guys want to check it out: Little Black Dress.
That brings me to wardrobe. If you guys want to make it through an entire day, WEAR FLATS! I can’t stress this enough. Make sure you test out your flats for an entire day before you pack them. I wore some flats I had never used for an entire day and had to buy sandals while I was there because I got blisters on the back of my heels. Do not wear heels to Bourbon Street. You will face plant.
I recommend visiting the French Market and Jackson Square during the day. They have live music playing everywhere and lots of neat artwork to check out. In my video, you can see two guys sitting on a bench, and they look like statues. How they manage to stay that still for that long, I have no idea. Still, they were pretty cool to watch. The St. Louis Cathedral was open for visitors. This is where the “Holy Door” is located. I’m not sure how I feel about a holy door, but it was still cool to see. We made a quick stop at the Holocaust Memorial, which was very peaceful and well kept, and as we strolled by the Mississippi River we saw people setting up a huge stage. One of the crew members told us Tyler Perry was having an event called, “Passion of the Christ.” People there were so friendly. He even said hello to my Snapchat family, and I included him in my video.
There’s so much I want to say, but this blog post is already too long. I’ll end it by saying that we flew with Southwest Airlines. It was my first time flying with them. I have no complaints. I was a little skeptical at first because I’ve seen news headlines featuring malfunctions on these planes. However, that was not the case in my experience. Thank you Southwest for a great travel experience.
Up next is my vlog to Portland, Oregon. Stay tuned for that. If I left anything out, as always, drop me a comment in the comment section below. God bless and safe travels.