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I’m heading out to Vancouver, Canada this weekend, and I’m getting all my equipment ready, so I can vlog. I love blogging about the trips I take. Documenting those experiences, to me, is way more fun than talking about makeup or daily vlogging in general. This upcoming trip made me think about my trip to Vegas last year that I never put up on my website. It was one of those trips where I decided I just wanted to experience the trip fully and completely, without having to worry about whether or not my camera batteries were charged or if I was carrying enough memory cards to last me through the day. I constantly hear people say my generation is too preoccupied with their phones to ever really truly experience what they are living, so I thought I would leave my technology behind and give it a try. No video was taken on this trip, only photos.

After months of looking back, I have to say I really regret not vlogging my trip to Vegas. I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast this morning, much less what I experienced on this trip last year. If there’s one activity I can recommend when visiting Vegas, it’s a ride on the high-roller (also known as the Vegas Ferris Wheel). I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Documenting life is so important. You can go back to these memories years later and relive things you had forgotten had ever taken place. I’m glad I at least have these photos. Having somewhat of a “detox” from technology, social media, and the like is good for everyone at one point or another. I don’t think doing away with it completely is for everyone, though. I say, to each their own, in my opinion. Do what makes you happy, and never follow the norm. Contribute your differences, not your similarities, to a world full of diversity. Excited to vlog in Canada this coming weekend. Stay tuned for an upcoming travel vlog.

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